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Timeless pieces from Chanel

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Buying designer pieces is not for everyone and is something not everyone can do. However, if it is something that you can afford or if you have reached a point in your life when you wanted to reward yourself with something beautiful- then I’d say go ahead!

Classic pieces like the Chanel slingbacks and the Chanel classic flap were one of my very first purchases. I think designer pieces should be carefully curated to suit your lifestyle to maximise cost per wear. I will never say that “it is an investment”. Shoes will wear with time and so will bags if they are well worn (unless you plan on reselling them )

My motto is buy the bag/shoe to love it and wear it , not leave it on your shelf 🙂


My Chanel classic flap is a vintage piece from the mid 90s and was in perfect condition when I purchased it for half the retail price from an Ebay seller called brand_jfa
I did get it authenticated by EtincelerAuthentications . They provided an amazing service. Do remember to do your research about buying vintage Chanel bags . There are tons of information that are readily available regarding checking serial numbers , authenticity cards, hardware , stamping , counting stitches on the quilting etc . I am so glad I did mine .

There is something special and beautiful about a vintage piece . The fact that it is able to stand against the test of time and still looks so good, I am hands down amazed by the quality . The other reason why I chose vintage was that I wanted the 24k gold gilded on the hardware as Chanel has stopped making their classic flaps that way before 2008.

Now on to the Chanel slingbacks. Those babies were so hard to get your hands on back in 2016 when they first came out as the ” it shoe ” . I loved the fact that I again managed to score an awesome deal from a trusted instagram reseller called Sandiana Mustika. I will leave her instagram link down below .
As I live in Sydney , I received the shoes beautifully packaged in its original box and 2 dustbags 2 days after purchasing it from her via bank transfer . It was so easy and smooth as I live in Sydney and she in Melbourne
The shoes are pretty comfortable, very versatile and goes with pretty much everything you wear. If I can’t think of anything to wear, I fall back on these slingbacks. Word or warning – do not wear it in the rain!

So here it is, my spill on a classic vintage piece and a pair of shoes that will be a forever classic in my collection. Only from Chanel.


Dress is from Shein. It is the Hollow out fit and flare lace cami dress. A not too shabby self portrait dupe if you want to try out the style.


Dress is from TheIconic. The Rosalie Corset Dress is super comfortable and perfect for a breezy summer. It is currently on sale!

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